Interdisciplinary Research Forum

Save the second Monday of every month 11:00 ~ 13:00 for the innovation event!(Physical and Chemical Building, third floor)

A meeting for Bio-Quantum-AI

To develop cross-domain research cooperation, the Faculty of Science has established a cross-domain research discussion platform (Cross-domain Research Forum) and plans to promote cross-domain research exchanges and cooperation. Especially on: How to bring together the base of neuron-based AI systems, bit-based classical computing technologies, and qubit-based quantum computers from the perspectives of basic sciences such as biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and optoelectronics. Also, welcome everyone else to put forward other research topics that they were concerned about. Faculties are welcome to participate, and their students are encouraged to attend.

The next forum will be held on Monday, Auguest 10.


(Physical and Chemical Building, third floor)


Prof. Fu-Zen Shaw, Dean of the College of Social Science, National Cheng Kung University

From neuron to brain/behavior

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